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Wicked Dual

Artemis | Giclée print

Artemis | Giclée print

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Artemis, goddess of the moon, is a fierce and fickle goddess.

 Artemis, the goddess of the moon, is described as vengeful, brooding, and wild. The oldest twin born to Zeus and Leto is one of the three virgin goddesses of Mount Olympus.


Apollo, the god of divine distance, was the youngest of the twins.


They are as different as night and day as Artemis is the moon goddess while Apollo is the sun god.


They will always have each other’s back through everything, as when they teamed up to protect their mother from the lustful giant Tityus who wanted to have her.


They slaughtered the children of the idiotic Niobe who demeaned their mother.


They both supported the Trojans during the Trojan War and took the same side in most things.


In times of peace, they’re both companions of the Nine Muses—goddesses of arts and sciences and perform with them during the feasts of Olympus.


Apollo is most protective of Artemis’ purity aside from Artemis herself. Thus, Apollo is outraged when Orion and Artemis are more than friends; therefore, he tricks Artemis into killing Orion.


Artemis is also known as the goddess of chastity, hunting, and the moon, often depicted with her trusty bow and arrow and a short tunic to aid in running through the woods. Her maidenly virtue—for she swore never to marry—is presented as a counterpoint to the passionate and fiery Aphrodite.



We hope you enjoy our 216 mm x 279 mm Artemis | Goddess of the Moon | Giclée print . It is printed on textured cotton fiber paper (260 GSM).

Your Artemis | Goddess of the Moon | Giclée print will arrive in a clear sleeve, mailed flat, and supported by backing board to ensure no damage is done to the piece. We, the artists will personally prepare your package.

All prints are sent with regular Airmail to keep the costs low. This does not include tracking or insurance.

Pictures will be needed in order to verify any damage.



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